Toward the Construction of an Integrated Genetic and Physical Map of Rice

  • Masahiro Yano
  • Yoshiaki Nagamura
  • Nori Kurata
  • Takuji Sasaki
  • Yuzo Minobe
Part of the Stadler Genetics Symposia Series book series (SGSS)


Rice is the major staple food for about half the population of the world. Improvement of rice varieties with improved economic values, such as yield and grain quality, is very important to keep up with the population growth of the world, especially in Asia. So far, the genetic basis of several traits with economic importance as well as those with biological importance have been clarified by many rice geneticists and breeders. However, further analyses, at the molecular level, will be necessary for further improvement of rice varieties.


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  • Yoshiaki Nagamura
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  • Nori Kurata
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  • Takuji Sasaki
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