Structure and Structural Analysis

As a Cognitive Strategy
  • Frederick L. Bates
Part of the Contemporary Systems Thinking book series (CST)


Chapter 1 pointed out that the idea of structure will be employed as a guideline for constructing a cognitive system useful in forming mental models of social systems and ecological fields. This statement is meant to point to the fact that a generalized conception of structure as a mental construct used with reference to a variety of phenomenological targets, in this case, will be used to guide thought with respect to complex systems of social behavior. As a conceptualization, structure may be regarded as a generalized cognitive system in and of itself, independent of the phenomenon to which it is applied. This cognitive system consists of a complex interrelated set of subelements that, taken together, guide the mind in creating mental images of a variety of objects.


Cognitive System Cognitive Action Mental Image Social Space Social Object 


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