Alternative Strategies
  • Arnold P. Goldstein
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I believe that every act of aggression—toward persons or property—is a person-environment event. Thus, all acts of vandalism in my view are a combined result of qualities of the vandal and characteristics of the physical and social environment in which the vandalism occurs. In this chapter, I will elaborate on this “interactionist” perspective and examine the several strategies for vandalism intervention which have been put forth as they do or do not accord with such person-environment causal thinking. As will be seen, while some perspectives indeed capture this central interactionist quality, many others are much more fully oriented toward either environmental solutions or person-focused (vandal-focused) solutions. These latter strategies—based only on environment or person—are in my view equally limited when enacted alone. Both are necessary; neither is sufficient. I will describe each strategic orientation and, in the next chapter, present in considerable detail the specific intervention tactics which have been employed to enact each strategy. I do so in the spirit of providing the strategic and tactical environment-and-person building blocks toward effective interactionist interventions.


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