Fluoride and Bone

Toxic Effects and Therapeutic Role
  • Georges Boivin
  • Pierre J. Meunier


Trace elements have an essential effect in minute doses, in contrast with other elements such as calcium and phosphorus that are necessary to the organism in large amounts. However, trace elements may be very toxic when present in large amounts. Thus, the effects of trace elements may be considered as physiological manifestations caused by very small amounts of substances which are toxic at higher concentrations. The wide distribution of fluoride (F) in food and water, plants and animals, as well as in human tissues, suggests that fluoride must have a definite physiological effect. Fluoride is present in the hard and soft tissues of the body in extremely small amounts of the same order of magnitude as other essential trace elements (1). The metabolism and toxicity of fluoride have been reviewed by Whitford (2) and Jenkins (3). Fluoride is necessary for the human organism and plays a role in controlling certain enzymatic reactions in various organs. Rapidly excreted from the body, the main retention sites for fluoride are calcified tissues. This retention depends on the quantity of fluoride administered or ingested, on the bioavailability of the fluoride salt used, as well as on the duration of exposure to fluoride.


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