Unsteady-State Heating and Cooling of Solid Objects

  • Octave Levenspiel
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If a hot object is plunged into cold water it cools, but not instantaneously. Two factors govern the cooling rate of the object:
  • the film resistance at the surface of the object, characterized by the h value for that situation; and

  • The rate of heat flow out of the interior of the object. The governing differential equation for this conduction process is
    $$\frac{\partial T_{s}}{\partial t} = \alpha \left ( \frac{\partial^{2}T_{s}}{\partial x^{2}} + \frac{\partial^{2}T_{s}}{\partial y^{2}} + \frac{\partial^{2}T_{s}}{\partial z^{2}}\right )$$
    $$\alpha = \frac{k_{s}}{\rho_{s}C_{s}},\;\;\;\;\textup{thermal\;diffusivity}\;[\textup{m}^{2}/\textup{s}]$$
    $$T_{s} = \textup{temperature\;at\;any\;point\;in\;the\;object}\;\;[\textup{K}]$$


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