Inverse parabolic problems

  • Victor Isakov
Part of the Applied Mathematical Sciences book series (AMS, volume 127)


In this chapter we consider the second-order parabolic equation
$$ {a_0}{\partial _t}u - div(a\nabla u) + b\nabla u + cu = f{\mkern 1mu} in{\mkern 1mu} Q = \Omega \times (0,{\mkern 1mu} T), $$
where Ω is a bounded domain the space ℝ n with the C 2-smooth boundary ∂Ω. In Section 9.5 we study the nonlinear equation
$$ {a_0}(x,u){u_t} - \Delta u + c(x,{\mkern 1mu} t,{\mkern 1mu} u) = 0{\mkern 1mu} in{\mkern 1mu} Q. $$




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