Azure Integration

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In this chapter, we will discuss the Azure integrations that can be leveraged to implement fast and scalable solutions. We will be focusing on three types of Azure technologies that are useful in Dynamics 365 implementations. They are Azure WebJobs, Functions, and Logic Apps. Azure WebJobs is ideal for batch processing, which will run behind the scenes. Since we are talking about Azure technologies in this chapter, we will also take a quick look at some security aspects. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement leverages the cloud services infrastructure and the built-in security features to safeguard the data. To safeguard access, it depends heavily on Azure Active Directory (AAD) to authenticate the users and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data. Also, when it comes to licensing, you can buy the license for Dynamics 365, or you can provision the required infrastructure with Azure, and your cost is determined by the usage. When leveraging the power of these technologies, you must take extra precautions to plan and design your solution. There is a huge pile of information provided at .

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