Unintended Consequences

The Lone Intrapreneur


Whether it is mismatched corporate processes, measuring the wrong things, or the lack of a consistent approach to help new business ideas succeed, there are a multitude of often undiscovered or undiscussed causes of failed corporate innovation—all of which can have dire consequences for your business. The wreckage that this failed innovation leaves behind goes beyond a few failed projects and can have ripple effects that negatively impact your entire company for years or even decades. Some of these impacts are tangible and obvious, but others are more hidden and insidious. Some of the most damaging consequences are from an intrapreneur and their team, acting alone, outside of any formal structure the larger company has in place. As this lone intrapreneur stays isolated and works to keep their new business off executive radars, they potentially cause issues beyond simply wasting money and other resources.


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