Transition Architectures

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Before getting into the details around component implementation, some work needs to be done to ensure that developers, systems administrators, information security, management, and senior leadership are all equipped with the right mechanisms to safeguard against risk and exposure. Equally important is the notion that development teams should meet as little friction as possible when developing solutions. Items that can cause friction with developers include a lack of tooling or poor tooling, inconsistencies in allowable frameworks, inconsistent deployment mechanisms, and a lack of direction with respect to design patterns. From a management perspective, understanding work intake, progress, and business drivers that push prioritization forward are important. Senior leadership will likely care about all of these items as well as mitigating risk, controlling costs, and (in the case of a publicly-held company), shareholder sentiment. Information security is also concerned with risk mitigation and exposure but will also require compliance with legal requirements depending on location, following best practices for industry standards, and any additional organizational standards that are in place.

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