Operations and Site Reliability

  • Josh Garverick


Now that your designs have been tested and proven out, albeit with some adjustments, you can look toward the transition plan to move responsibilities into the appropriate groups. Gamecorp has a team of site reliability engineers (SREs) who are responsible for the traditional production support role along with optimizing the platform when possible. Not all of the SREs are at the same skill level, and some are fairly green with respect to infrastructure in general, let alone cloud-based infrastructure. Before handing over the reins to the engineers and site reliability staff, it’s important to make sure a defined operating model is in place. You’ve made a good deal of progress on outlining the target state and how operational staff should be involved in the maintenance and operation of the target. Further defining roles and escalation paths will help to ensure everyone has a good handle on what they should do in the event of a platform problem.

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