Understanding Serverless Computing

  • Maddie Stigler


Serverless architecture encompasses many things, and before jumping into creating serverless applications, it is important to understand exactly what serverless computing is, how it works, and the benefits and use cases for serverless computing. Generally, when people think of serverless computing, they tend to think of applications with back-ends that run on third-party services, also described as code running on ephemeral containers. In my experience, many businesses and people who are new to serverless computing will consider serverless applications to be simply “in the cloud.” While most serverless applications are hosted in the cloud, it’s a misperception that these applications are entirely serverless. The applications still run on servers that are simply managed by another party. Two of the most popular examples of this are AWS Lambda and Azure functions. We will explore these later with hands-on examples and will also look into Google’s Cloud functions.

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