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Imagine a life without search engines. Every time you need an answer, you automatically go to sites like Google and Bing. Over last decade or so, search has come a long way. Gone are the days when search results were restricted to picking data from a database. With the increasing amount of data getting generated every second and new algorithms getting invented, search has moved beyond the text box. Search has moved from the era of postback to partial postbacks to even now auto-suggest. Search has also moved from just giving textual results and links to images and now videos, news, and contextual search. Search has also moved from reactive to proactive. Search has also moved from generalized search to a personalized experience. Google has certainly provided a new dimension to the entire search engine. From knowing the weather for the coming weekend to a cricket score to the latest news, videos, or anything else you want to know, your first stop has been Google for the last decade or so.

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