Interacting with the Speech API

  • Nishith Pathak


The way we interact with devices these days has changed dramatically. There are lots of new methods coming each day and they are disruptive enough to affect our daily lives. Most of these interactions would have been a wonder a decade ago or earlier. Among these innovations, speech is becoming very popular. One of the interesting things that gives the edge to a voice as a communication medium over anything else is that it’s faster and of course more natural. Today, more and more devices have built-in speech recognition and speech synthesis capabilities. In fact, there are a lot of systems already available and in use that utilize these smart systems and interactions. Consider personal digital assistants like Cortana and Siri, which have entirely changed the way we interact with mobile applications. Take another example of smart cars. We have had voice controlled cars for a long time now but what’s innovative is the natural interaction. All of this integrated stuff is making systems intelligent and more interactive.

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