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I frequently find myself needing to download a tarball, or a config file, to a server from a web page. Or within a script I need to know that I can query both local and remote web servers over HTTP(S) to check uptime or the presence of certain content. One of the most popular feature-filled tools is, which, I hazard to guess, stands for “web get”. Previously known as Geturl, Wget is described as “the non-interactive network downloader”. It boasts several supported protocols, namely HTTP, HTTPS and FTP, and also has the ability to look past and query a site beyond HTTP proxies; a powerful feature-set indeed. But what can you use it for? In this chapter, you will explore some of its features, beginning with a few simple examples and continuing with some scenarios that you’ll might find Wget the most useful.


Command Line Config File Directory Structure Proxy Server Cache Lookup 

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