Seeing Beyond Your Vision

More Techniques and Hands on Exercises To Develop Your Creativity
  • Michael Clawson


Training ourselves to see things differently is key to creating something new and alive. We might be inspired by sunbeams on a table, raindrops on a leaf, or a smile from a best friend. Yet, sometimes, it is not obvious. Training yourself to see the oak grain within the brilliant glow of sunbeams, a tiny ant dancing within a raindrop ocean, or a toothy grin that reveals the character behind a smile is seeing beyond what our vision reveals. It is paying attention to subtleties in pattern, shape, color, light and movement. How does one develop an eye for seeing things differently? It starts by simply looking up, down, left, or right as we journey throughout our day, training our mind to see first what our eyes put before us last. We must look, think, and look again.


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