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How the Sausage Is Made
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Valuations for divorce cases and shareholder disputes are the closest we get to hand-to-hand combat in the accounting profession. Two valuation experts battle on the witness stand. We fight over future cash flows and what the expected rate of return should be on the cash flows. We have reams of paper to support our positions and hope that the attorney on our side asks the right questions and that the opposing attorney asks the wrong ones. However, many times none of this matters. The ultimate decision makers are the judges who probably neither have a business background nor enjoy listening to number nerds debate high-dollar issues. Sometimes their decisions are well thought out and make sense with the facts of the case. Other times, it is clear they did not really understand valuation theory, or they may have had an alternative motive with their decision. Going to trial on valuation issues is litigation roulette because it is hard to predict where the answer will land.


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