An Introduction to JavaFX 8: Exploring the Capabilities of the Java 8 Multimedia Engine

  • Wallace Jackson


Let’s build on the knowledge of the Java programming language that you gained in the previous chapter here in Chapter 4, by learning about the capabilities, components, and classes that make up the JavaFX 8 multimedia engine. This amazing JavaFX 8 API was added to Java 8 using the javafx package that you saw in Chapters 2 and 3, which was released with Java 8. The JavaFX 8 package is significant to game programming because it contains advanced forms of classes that you will want to harness for game programming, including classes for organizing game components, using a scene graph; classes for user interface layout and design; classes for 2D digital illustration (also called vector graphics); and classes for digital imaging (also called raster graphics); 2D animation; digital video; digital audio; 3D; a web engine (WebKit); and much more, all of which I will be covering in this chapter, so that you know exactly what you have available to you, now that these JavaFX 8 libraries have been added into the Java 8 programming language.


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