Enforcing Your Business Rules with Salesforce.com Validation Rules

  • Philip Weinmeister


To be a successful system administrator, consultant, analyst, or developer, you must keep the needs of your users at the forefront of your decision-making and provide them with the ability to effectively carry out their job. However, while users should retain a critical position in your thought process, they are not perfect, either. A reality with which you are probably all too familiar is that the users of any system, including Salesforce.com , don’t always follow the rules. Whether purposeful or not, users’ actions within the system sometimes fail to align with their expected behavior. Fortunately, Salesforce.com provides validation rules to support a meaningful, synergistic existence of users and the real-world system that they use. Validation rules are specified conditions that allow you to enforce your business rules of operation and guide your users to interact with the system in a beneficial way.



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