Complex Structures on the Tangent Bundle of Riemannian Manifolds

  • Làszló Lempert
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It is well known that any (paracompact) differentiable manifold M has a complexification, i.e., a complex manifold XM, dimc X = dim M, such that M is totally real in X (see Ref. 8). It is also known that a small neighborhood U of M in X is diffeomorphic to the tangent bundle TM of M. Thus, the tangent bundle TM of any differentiable manifold carries a complex manifold structure. This complex structure is, of course, not unique. One way of finding a “canonical” complex structure is to endow M with some extra structure and require that the complex structure on TM interact with the structure of M. Here we consider smooth (meaning infinitely differentiable) Riemannian manifolds M. When M = ℝ, there is a natural identification Tℝ ≅ ℂ given by
$${{T}_{\sigma }}\mathbb{R} \mathrel\backepsilon \tau \frac{\partial }{{\partial \sigma }} \leftrightarrow \sigma + i\tau \in \mathbb{C},$$
and this endows Tℝ with a complex structure. In (1.1) σ denotes the coordinate on R. This coordinate depends on the algebraic structure of the identification (1.1); however, the complex structure on Tℝ depends only on the metric of ℝ. In other words, an isometry of ℝ induces a biholomorphic mapping on Tℝ.


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