Metabolic Transformations

  • Leland L. Smith


Although interest in the metabolic fate of cholesterol, exemplified in its bioconversion to the 5β-stanol 4 [316], and sterol autoxidation date from the same time (1896), interest in the metabolism of cholesterol autoxidation products is a much more recent matter. Interim period studies in the metabolic fate of oxycholesterol preparations intravenously injected into dogs [678] notwithstanding, relatively little interest in the class developed. In the present chapter I examine the processes by which recognized cholesterol autoxidation products might be formed enzymically and also the means by which these products are transformed by enzymes and metabolized by living cells. Whereas interests in the metabolism of cholesterol autoxidation products are now expanding, with few exceptions the enzymic formation of these autoxidation products by natural in vivo processes remains undemonstrated.


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