Enzyme-Catalyzed Lipid Oxidation in Muscle Microsomes

  • Herbert O. Hultin


Oxidative processes in muscle foods are a major cause of spoilage and can lead to changes in texture and water-holding capacity (Dyer et al., 1956; Desai and Tappel, 1963), flavor (Baur et al., 1977), color (Weber and Grosch, 1976; Orthoefer and Dugan, 1973), and nutritive properties of the material (Gruger and Tappel, 1970). Although the occurrence of lipoxygenase has long been recognized in plant tissues as a significant cause of food spoilage, the widely held opinion is that lipid oxidation in muscle foods is carried out via non-enzymic processes (Gardner, 1975). It is important to know whether you are dealing with a non-enzymic or an enzymic reaction in food spoilage since the approaches to minimize these changes could be greatly influenced by the mechanism of the reaction.


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