Performance Characteristics of Silicon Diode Cryogenic Temperature Sensors

  • B. C. Dodrill
  • J. K. Krause
  • P. R. Swinehart
  • V. Wang
Part of the Applications of Cryogenic Technology book series (APCT, volume 10)


Performance characteristics with current technology for silicon diode temperature sensors are outlined and data presented which illustrates the commonly encountered problems associated with their use. The packaging which resulted in a wide range, hermetically packaged diode sensor is presented. Data on the matching characteristics and reproducibility of the sensor are discussed. In addition, a means of enhancing accuracy over the temperature range from 50K to 335K to better than 0.15K with the aid of a two point calibration is illustrated.


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  • B. C. Dodrill
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  • J. K. Krause
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  • P. R. Swinehart
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  • V. Wang
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  1. 1.Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc.WestervilleUSA

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