Analysis of Health Effects Caused by Multiple Insults

  • Fritz A. Seiler
Part of the Advances in Risk Analysis book series (AIRA, volume 5)


A method is presented for the analysis of the risk of health effects caused by a combination of insults. The approach is entirely phenomenological and has no built-in restrictions. Also, interactions between the effects of various toxicants are treated in a general manner. The only restrictions arise from the finite set of functions relating exposure parameters and the risk of health effects. As an example, the incidences of oral and esophageal cancer in man are analyzed as a function of alcohol and tobacco consumption. The properties of the solutions obtained are discussed, together with conclusions about the processes involved in the etiology of these cancers.

Key Words

Multiple Insults Synergism Antagonism Data Analysis. 


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  • Fritz A. Seiler
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  1. 1.Lovelace Inhalation Toxicology Research InstituteAlbuquerqueUSA

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