Application of Integrated Risk Analysis at EPA

  • Daniel Beardsley
Part of the Advances in Risk Analysis book series (AIRA, volume 5)


The Environmental Protection Agency was created fifteen years ago as an umbrella organization for a large number of individual statues and programs distributed throughout the federal Executive Branch. This led to an often fragmented approach to environmental protection: pollution was removed from the air and water and put -- where? On the ground, or back into the air or water.

This presentation will focus on an alternative methodology for analyzing environmental problems -- one which attempts to define the range of exposures to substances across media that occur in any given community, to assess the relative significance of each, and then to develop cost-effective control strategies for reducing the environmental risk. This new “integrated” methodology takes into account’ residual risks from potential control strategies, thus allowing the decision-maker to minimize pollution transfer. The approach contains the potential for far better overall management of environmental problems. its principal limit is lack of scientific knowledge regarding pollutant effects.

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Environmental Pollution Control Strategies Risk Management Exposure Assessment 


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