Unavoidable Links and Violable Links: Israelis and Palestinians in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training

  • Yolanda Gampel


In this chapter we reach an area which may strike some readers as risky and impractical: An attempt to use psychotherapy as a bridge between Israelis and Palestinians. Such attempts may lead to charges of naiveté, as well as other criticisms, but what we find here is a unique combination of theoretical ideas about violence at many levels, together with a story of real courage. The theoretical sections offer an abstract level of conceptualization which may strike the reader as too abstract at times, but they offer a rich, original world of interpretations and sensitivities. Our common fears and hopes are translated into the language of depth analysis, and we are forever reminded of their origins in our childhood, our parents, our developing ego and its attempts at finding safety. We also find here a factual report on the history of one practical attempt at creating links and cooperation.


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