General Introduction to Sample-Controlled Thermal Analysis (SCTA)

  • J. Rouquerol
  • O. Toft Sorensen
Part of the Hot Topics in Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry book series (HTTC, volume 3)


For a majority of technical applications, it is of upmost importance to know the behaviour of materials as they are heated or cooled. This is the objective of thermal analysis. In the beginning (say, one century ago) the sample was simply submitted to the heating from a gas burner and, later, from an electrical furnace, operated at ca constant power (as it was the case with the “micro-DTA” equipment marketed in the early sixties). This meant a certain lack of control on the heating rate and on the total duration of the experiment. It was therefore considered as a great improvement to impose a temperature programme to the sample, most often with a constant heating rate, i.e. with a constant dT/dt (where T is the sample or furnace temperature and where t is the time): the great majority of thermal analysis equipments are, nowadays, operated in this way.


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  • O. Toft Sorensen
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  1. 1.Madirel LaboratoryCNRS-Université de ProvenceMarseilleFrance
  2. 2.Risoe National LaboratoryRoskildeDenmark

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