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Summary of Changes

T1 was redefined, and the lesions have been divided into T1a and T1b.

T2 was redefined, and the lesions have been divided into T2a, T2b, and T2c.

T3 was redefined, and T3a, T3b, and T3c have been removed.

T4a and T4b have been removed.

N2 (distant lymph node involvement) has been added to regional lymph nodes (N).

pT1, pT2, and pT3 have been redefined.

pT2 lesions have been divided into pT2a, pT2b, and pT2c.

pM1 has been divided into pM1a and pM1b.

No stage grouping applies to retinoblastoma.


Retinal Detachment Venous Invasion Subretinal Fluid Pineal Region Serous Retinal Detachment 
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