Contact Manifolds

  • David E. Blair
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By a contact manifold we mean a C manifold M 2n+1 together with a 1-form η such that η ∧ () n ≠ 0. In particular η ∧ () n ≠ 0 is a volume element on M so that a contact manifold is orientable. Also has rank 2n on the Grassmann algebra ∧ T m * M at each point mM and thus we have a 1-dimensional subspace, {XT m M|(X, T m M) = 0}, on which η ≠ 0 and which is complementary to the subspace on which η = 0. Therefore choosing ξ m in this subspace normalized by η(ξ m ) = 1 we have a global vector field ξ satisfying
$$ d\eta \left( {\xi ,X} \right) = 0,\;\eta \left( \xi \right) = 1 $$


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