Principal S1-bundles

  • David E. Blair
Part of the Progress in Mathematics book series (PM, volume 203)
Let P and M be C manifolds, π : PM a C map of P onto M and G a Lie group acting on P to the right. Then (P, G, M) is called a principal G-bundle if
  1. 1.

    G acts freely on P,

  2. 2.

    π(p 1) = π(p 2) if and only if there exists gG such that p 1 g = p 2,

  3. 3.

    P is locally trivial over M, i.e., for every mM there exists a neighborhood U of m and a map F u : π-1(U) → G such that F u (pg) = (F u (p))g and such that the map Ψ : π-1(U) → U × G taking p to (π(p), F u (p)) is a diffeomorphism.



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