Microcanonical Ensemble

  • Silvio R. A. Salinas
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According to the fundamental postulate of statistical mechanics, the accessible microscopic states of a closed system in equilibrium are equally probable. The number of microscopic states of a thermodynamic fluid, with energy E, volume V, and number of particles N, in the presence of a set {X i } of internal constraints, is given by Ω =Ω (E, V, N; {X i }). For example, in the previous chapter we looked at a system of two simple fluids subjected to an internal constraint given by an adiabatic, fixed, and impermeable wall (see figure 4.1). The probability P ({X i }) of finding a system subjected to the set of constraints {X i } is proportional to Ω (E, V, N; {X i }), that is,
$$P(\{ {X_i}\} ) \propto \Omega (E,V,N;\{ {X_i}\} ).$$


Composite System Thermodynamic Limit Isothermal Compressibility Entropy Representation Internal Constraint 


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