Logic Data Modeling Tools

  • Arthur M. Langer


Logic data modeling is a set of procedures that examines an entity to ensure that its component attributes (data elements) should reside in that entity, rather than being stored in another or new entity. Therefore, LDM focuses solely on the stored data model. The LDM process is somewhat controversial and subject to various opinions; however, listed below are the common steps used by many professionals in the industry:
  1. 1.

    identify major entities

  2. 2.

    select primary and alternate keys

  3. 3.

    determine key business rules

  4. 4.

    apply normalization to 3rd normal form

  5. 5.

    combine user views

  6. 6.

    integrate with existing models (legacy interfaces)

  7. 7.

    determine domains and triggering operations

  8. 8.

    de-normalize carefully



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