Nonlinear Control of HVDC Systems

  • Qiang Lu
  • Yuanzhang Sun
  • Shengwei Mei
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A DC Electric Power Transmission System, with its inherent advantages, such as fast regulation, flexible operation, high-power transmission, and the ability to rapidly regulate active power flow, has been widely applied to high-power transmission over long distance, regional power systems inter- connection, and undersea electric power transmission. So far, dozens of DC transmission lines have been put into operation in the world. As of 2000 in China, there were two main DC transmission lines in operation, which are the Tianshengqiao-Guanzhou and the Gezhouba-Shanghai ±500-KV HVDC transmission lines. It is expected that more AC/DC power systems will be developed along with the power system expansion in China.


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  • Yuanzhang Sun
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  • Shengwei Mei
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