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  • Oded Maimon
  • Mark Last
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This section compares the performance of the information-theoretic network to leading classification methods of data mining. The comparison is based on public datasets and it includes the following performance criteria:
  • Dimensionality Reduction is measured by the portion of candidate-input attributes removed by the algorithm (excluded from the network) and by the size of the information-theoretic network vs. other predictive models.

  • Prediction Accuracy is the average accuracy of the network on validation cases vs. published accuracy of other classifiers.

  • Stability represents the ability of the algorithms to provide similar results from different random samples of the same dataset. The benchmark classification methods used for the comparison include:

  • Naive Bayes Classifier. This is a probabilistic method assuming conditional independence of all input attributes. See the details of the algorithm in (Mitchell, 1997).

  • C4.5. This is a state-of-the-art decision tree algorithm presented in (Quinlan, 1993). Today, most commercial tools for constructing decision trees are based on C4.5 or one of its modified versions.

  • CART ™ This is an earlier decision tree method (Breiman et al., 1984). It is used as the engine of a commercial tool, having the same name, which is available from Salford Systems ( ).


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