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Initial Assessment. Many conditions and Symptoms are attributed to hemorrhoids when, in fact, other entities are responsible. The most serious overlooked diagnosis is Cancer, which must be mied out before instituting hemorrhoid therapy. At the very least, rigid proctoscopy should be done to inspect the rectal mucosa, however, if there are obstructive Symptoms or changes in bowel habits, the entire colon must be examined with either a colonoscopy or barium enema. Other entities confused with hemorrhoids include full-thickness rectal prolapse, anal papillae, Condyloma, Cancer, polyps, and mucosal prolapse. This latter condition is considered a precursor of full-thickness rectal prolapse, usually occurs anteriorly, and is not a prolapse of hemorrhoidal veins.


Anal Stenosis Mucosal Prolapse Internal Hemorrhoid Rubber Band Ligation Manual Reduction 
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