The Record Compiler

  • Rainer Leupers


The code generation techniques presented in the previous chapters have been implemented in form of the prototype compiler system Record. The current version is implemented in C++ under a UNIX workstation environment. It consists of a package of separate programs, which are invoked from a graphical user interface, and which communicate via file exchange formats. The total amount of C++ source code is approximately 120,000 lines. Out of these, about 30% are spent for the necessary language frontends, 50% for code generation, and 20% for instruction set extraction including tree parser generation. In this chapter we exemplify, how Record’s concept of retargetability can be exploited in order to customize processor hardware towards a certain application. Afterwards, the code quality achieved with Record is evaluated for a standard DSP and a set of benchmark programs.


Performance Constraint Code Quality Address Generation Benchmark Program Processor Model 


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