Mechanical Properties of Frozen Soils

  • Orlando B. Andersland
  • Branko Ladanyi


From the point of view of the science of materials, frozen soil is a natural particulate composite, composed of four different constituents: solid grains (mineral or organic), ice, unfrozen water, and gases. The most important characteristic by which it differs from other similar materials, such as unfrozen soils and the majority of artificial composites, is that under natural conditions its matrix, composed mostly of ice and water, changes continuously with varying temperature and applied stress.


Clay Porosity Depression Brittle Hexagonal 


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  • Orlando B. Andersland
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  • Branko Ladanyi
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  1. 1.Michigan State UniversityUSA
  2. 2.Ecole Polytechnique of the Université de MontréalCanada

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