The Genus Galerina on Svalbard

  • Gro Gulden
Part of the Environmental Science Research book series (ESRH, volume 34)


Twelve species of Galerinaare recorded from Svalbard. Eight of them are new to the archipelago. The examined collections (322 nos.) are almost exclusively from the west coast of Spitsbergen between the Bellsund district and Norskeöya, and from the fjord districts. Eleven collections are from Kong Karls Land.

Short descriptions and drawings of diagnostic microscopic features are presented. There are also scanning micrographs of spores, information on habitats, known distributions of species, and a key for determination.

The Galerina flora of Svalbard comprises an element of species considered to have their ecological optimum under Arctic-alpine conditions, an element with their optimum in boreal regions but with outliers in Arctic and in alpine areas, and an element of species more or less equally distributed from temperate to Arctic-alpine regions. Lignicolous, sphagnicolous and litter decomposing species are rare or absent, probably due to scarcity of suitable substrates.

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Galerina Arctic-alpine agarics Svalbard mushrooms 


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