Treatment Planning for Charged Particle Radiotherapy

  • George T. Y. Chen
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This lecture will cover the general principles involved in treatment planning for charged particle radiotherapy. Development of treatment planning codes for charged particle radiotherapy is being actively pursued at the Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Cyclotron (protons), at the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory (LASL) and at SIN (pions), and at the Lawrence Berkeley laboratory (LBL) (heavy ions). The general outline of the presentation will include (1) a review of beam properties and depth dose distributions used in treatment planning, (2) the use of CT as a quantitative method for evaluating the relative stopping powers of inhomogeneities. (3) treatment planning algorithms currently in use, (4) representative treatment plans and distribution of inhomogeneities, and (5) factors which affect compensator design (such as possible motions, compensator misregistrations, and multiple Coulomb scattering).


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