The Excited-State Deprotonation of the Indole N-H of Tryptophan

  • A. G. Szabo
Part of the NATO Advanced Science Institutes Series book series (NSSA, volume 69)


Recently,1 we presented a rationalisation of the dual exponential decay kinetics (τ1 = 3.1 ns, τ2 = 0.5 ns) of the fluorescence of aqueous solutions of tryptophan (pH 7). In order to study the effect of protonation of the α-amino group on these decay kinetics, we measured the fluorescence decay of tryptophan at pH 10.5 (O.1M carbonate buffer), a pH where the α-amino group (pK = 9.3) would largely be unprotonated.


Fluorescence Spectrum Fluorescence Decay Decay Kinetic Dual Exponen Double Exponential Decay 


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