Effects of Environment on the Electronic Configuration in Intermediate Valent Rare Earth Systems

  • Thomas Penney
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 117)


In the intermediate valence problem one must consider highly correlated localized f electrons in the presence of delocalized d and s electrons (denoted d for simplicity). Two configurations, fndm and fn−1dm+1, have comparable energies and must be considered. It is possible that a completely electronic theory, such as the Anderson/Kondo impurity/lattice models, may contain the essence of coupling these states and will describe the magnetic susceptibility and specific heat. However, these configurations have different sizes and bonding properties. The proper electronic configuration will depend and, conversely, be a major influence on the structure. In this paper we will discuss the relationship of valence to volume, homogeneous valence transitions, surface valence transitions, local valence transitions, and the existence of gaps in the electronic density of states.


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