Integral Representations of Functions of Classes Lpl(G) and Embedding Theorems

  • V. P. Il’in
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The principal objective of the present article is to obtain integral representations of functions adapted to any of the various normed spaces (classes) L p l (G). Inasmuch as these classes coincide with the Sobolev classes W p l (G) (see [1]) for integral value of the index l, the resulting representations may be regarded as generalizations in a certain direction of the well-known integral representations of functions of the classes W p l (G). They enable one to investigate the indicated classes of functions in domains satisfying the so-called horn (cone) condition, i.e., in domains of the same type as those in which functions of the classes W p l (G) and B p,θ l (G) have been investigated (see [1, 2]). It is essential to point out that the admissibility of using such representations in the theory of classes L p l (G) did not become a reality until Strichartz [3] came forth with a new norming of the spaces L p l (in the case of noninteger-valued l) equivalent to the one used previously. In the discussion that follows we shall abide by the norming given in [3], accommodating it to the anisotropic case (vectorial l).


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