Studies on the Mechanism of Fructose-Induced Hyperuricemia in Man

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The precise biochemical basis for many instances of hyperuricemia in man are not clearly understood. Elucidation of the mechanism by which certain normal intermediates and their structural analogs alter the serum uric acid may be useful in delineating potential pathophysiological alterations leading to hyperuricemia. The infusion of fructose in man precipitates a number of biochemical changes including hyperlacticacidemia, decrease in serum inorganic phosphate, and decrease in serum glucose. This results from the phosphorylation of fructose to fructose-1-P and the entrance of this compound into the glycolytic pathway. An increase in serum uric acid concentration following the infusion of fructose was initially reported by Perheentupa and Raivio in 1967., although this has remained a controversial observation.


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