Modulation of Glutamate Responses by Noradrenaline and GABA in Neo- and Archicortical Structures

  • J. Walden
  • E.-J. Speckmann
  • D. Bingmann
  • H. Straub
  • C. Lehmenkühler
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The excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate, the inhibitory neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), and the neuromodulator noradrenaline (NA) have been found to be involved in the pathophysiology of several neuropsychiatric disorders, especially schizophrenia and epilepsy (cf. Nistico et al., 1986). In epilepsy glutamate may contribute to the expression and spread, and GABA to the restriction, of epileptic discharges. NA has been reported to inhibit epileptic activity in different experimental conditions (cf. Przegalinski, 1985). The aim of the study reported here was to analyze the influence of NA and GABA on the action of the glutamate subreceptor agonist N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA). The experiments were performed in the motorcortex of the rat (in vivo studies) and in neocortical organotypic tissue cultures of newborn rats, as well as in hippocampal slice preparations of guinea pigs (in vitro studies) using changes of field potentials and of membrane potential, respectively, as indicators.


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  • J. Walden
  • E.-J. Speckmann
  • D. Bingmann
  • H. Straub
  • C. Lehmenkühler

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