Ene Reaction



In addition to the famous Diels-Alder reactions, another important contribution of Kurt Alder is the systematic investigation of the ene reaction. The reaction of MA with olefin compounds was known, however, before the first paper by Alder and coworkers.(1) The reaction of unconjugated olefins with MA had represented some patent activity.(2–4) The products of the reactions had begun finding applications in the paint, varnish, coatings, and ink industries. Some effort had also started in understanding the process, e.g., Bickford et a1. (5) had recognized that methyl oleate reacted with 1 mole of MA to yield an adduct with one double bond. They also recognized, at least qualitatively, the difference in the reaction of 2 moles of MA with methyl linoleate (see text). However, the initial work was less clearly understood primarily due to the lack of more sophisticated analytical techniques and instrumentation. Higher temperatures needed for the reaction often produce side reactions and thus make understanding difficult. As will be seen later, the formal similarity of the ene reaction of MA to those of other reagents such as formaldehyde and sulfur trioxide(6) as well as their relation to the related processes such as the DA reaction had to be recognized.


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