Aspects of Transport in Liquid Metals

  • M. P. Tosi
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSB, volume 17)


The assumption of weak electron-ion interactions in a ‘simple’ liquid metal has led, on the one hand, to the calculation of electronic transport properties via the weak scattering formalism (Ziman (1) , Baym (2)) and, on the other, to the introduction of effective pair interactions between the ions in which the electrons enter through the electron-gas dielectric function. Several properties of simple liquid metals can be understood on this basis. For example, the effective-interaction model appears to account for important features of the neutron inelastic scattering spectrum of a system such as liquid rubidium (Rahman (3)), just as it gives a good account of phonons in the solid alkali metals (Price et al(4)).


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