Pressure Characteristics of Perlite Insulation in Double-Wall Tanks under Repeated Thermal Cycling

  • E. H. Leonhardt
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Cryogenic Engineering book series (ACRE, volume 15)


Companies designing and erecting cryogenic storage facilities have found the double-wall metal tank most satisfactory in fulfilling the growing demand for large-volume containment of liquefied gases. The double-wall tank incorporates an innervessel liquid container, an outer-shell vapor barrier, and a loose-fill perlite insulation system which provides a controlled heat influx governed by a predetermined boil-off rate. Perlite’s favorable thermal characteristics and low cost, promoted by unique site-expanded application, have made it the choice over many other materials. Even though perlite holds this advantage. Its use and the related insulation design have been subjects of concern for both vessel fabricators and purchasers. This concern stems from the fact that published results [1] indicate that perlite settlement and the resulting ultimate pressure due to thermal cycling may be far beyond those being designed for. This technical note outlines research done in predicting this maximum perlite pressure.


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