Ultrastructural Localization of LH and FSH in the Porcine Pituitary

  • F. Dacheux
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In the porcine pituitary, Mirecka and Pearse (1971), using the immunoflu-orescence technique, concluded that the majority of gonadotrophs contained both gonadotropins. However, Herlant and Ectors (1969) and Herlant (1972) described, at the electron-microscope level, two cells types as LH- and FSH-secreting cells. Recently, using specific antibodies against β subunits of porcine LH and FSH, we have clearly shown in the porcine pituitary that LH and FSH are contained within the same cell (FSH/LH cell), but that the concentration of LH and FSH can vary from cell to cell(Dacheux, 1978). In the FSH/LH cells, the finding of granules positive for both LHβ and FSHβ demonstrated that two hormones could be stored in the same granules (Dacheux, 1978). Using the same technique on dissociated cells from porcine pituitary, Batten and Hopkins (1978) obtained similar results. The aim of the study presented in this chapter was to determine the precise localization of FSHβ, LHβ, and LHα in the gonadotropic cells and to determine whether all the granules contain the same proportion of LH and FSH.


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