Separated Somatotrophs: Their Use in Vitro and in Vivo

  • W. C. Hymer
  • R. Page
  • R. C. Kelsey
  • E. C. Augustine
  • W. Wilfinger
  • M. Ciolkosz
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Since the original discovery of growth hormone (GH) by Drs. Herbert Evans and Joseph Long in 1921, this molecule has been a subject of keen interest to biochemical endocrinologists. There are a number of reasons for this interest. To state but a few: (1) the molecule does not have a single, well-defined target organ, and its biological and metabolic effects are quite numerous (e.g., regulation of growth as well as metabolism of protein, carbohydrate, and fat); (2) given the availability of several assay systems, the molecule is well suited to structure-function studies; (3) the molecule has an established clinical usefulness for the treatment of hypopituitary children in addition to its suggested use in the treatment of ulcers, muscular dystrophy, and coronary-prone hypercholesterolemic patients (Li, 1975); and (4) the cell that produces GH, viz., the pituitary somatotroph, offers an interesting model for investigation of mechanisms of intracellular processing and secretion of peptide hormones in addition to the study of the regulation of somatotroph function. This chapter deals with the last issue.


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