Pharmacological Studies of Pituitary Receptors Involved in the Control of Prolactin Secretion

  • Alain Enjalbert
  • Merle Ruberg
  • Sandor Arancibia
  • Mirette Priam
  • Claude Kordon
Part of the Biochemical Endocrinology book series (BIOEND)


The major action of the hypothalamus on mammalian prolactin secretion is inhibitory. Ectopic pituitary grafts (Everett, 1954; Meites et al., 1961), electrolytic lesion of the median eminence (Chen et al., 1970; Bishop et al., 1971) and in vitro incubation of adenohypophyseal tissue (Meites and Nicoll, 1966) result in increased prolactin secretion. It was postulated that the hypothalamus contained an unidentified factor that inhibited the release of prolactin at the hypophyseal level (Pasteels, 1961, 1967; Talwalker et al., 1963) and that this factor could reach the pituitary directly across the hypothalamo-hypophyseal portal system. This was substantiated by experiments in which hypothalamic extracts infused into a portal blood vessel induced a dose-dependent inhibition of prolactin release (Kamberi et al., 1971b). This inhibitory effect of hypothalamic extracts was found in many in vivo and in vitro preparations.


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