Pregrowth Hormone Messenger RNA: Glucocorticoid Induction and Purification from Rat Pituitary Cells

  • F. Carter Bancroft
  • Paul R. Dobner
  • Li-Yuan Yu
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For several years, our laboratory has been engaged in studies of the biosynthesis of growth hormone by the rat pituitary. These studies have had two goals, which are clearly interdependent. The first goal has been the elucidation of the steps involved in the synthesis of growth hormone. Thus, we hope ultimately to be able to provide a complete description at the molecular level of the structure and transcription of the growth hormone gene, the structure of the resultant RNA transcript, the processing of this transcript into mature cytoplasmic growth hormone messenger RNA (mRNA), the structure of the primary protein product of the translation of this mRNA, and the processing of this primary translation product into mature growth hormone. The second goal has involved an understanding of the hormonal regulation of the expression of the growth hormone gene. Studies with a number of model systems have suggested that steroid hormones regulate specific gene expression at a pretransla-tional level, via a general mechanism that involves localization in the nucleus of steroid bound to a specific cytoplasmic receptor (reviewed in Yamamoto and Alberts, 1976). We showed some years ago that glucocor-ticoid hormones such as hydrocortisone stimulate the production of growth hormone by cultured rat pituitary cells (Bancroft et al., 1969). Our second goal has thus been to determine both the step(s) in the production of growth hormone at which glucocorticoid hormones act and the molecular mechanisms whereby the stimulation by glucocorticoids is exerted.


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  • Paul R. Dobner
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  • Li-Yuan Yu
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